About our Store

Beyond, fashion trends and style, a woman’s look tells a lot about who she is. Her clothes and accessories have to make her feel a certain way…and project that feeling. Vida Bella, the beautiful life, is a set of two sister boutiques offering flattering, comfortable and distinctive apparel for women of all ages. Our clothes and accessories are carefully curated to provide our customers with a wide selection of quality items from all over the world. The idea that each of our customers is unlike anyone else, is central to our concept. Each piece of clothing is hand selected, with feeling and inspired by grace and style. Every collection is designed specifically for women living their lifestyle. We believe that living the Vida Bella—living the beautiful life—should be made easy and pleasurable. Shopping for clothes you live your life in, should be quite the opposite of a task you do online. It should be effortless and enjoyable. That’s what we are all about.


Who We Are

The stores are owned by a local family: The Caspers, an all-American mix of Latin-American (Claudia) and European (Paul) living in Spring, Texas. The family is complete with four girls: Jessica, Alexis, Andrea and little Sophia.

Besides their professional and spiritual lives, enjoying life locally and traveling are big pieces of The Caspers idea of what the beautiful life is all about. Claudia is especially keen to observe people, and their trends, customs, and fashion from all over the globe. She always had a desire to incorporate that into the local lifestyle. That is how the idea of Vida Bella Boutique comes about. Claudia wants to share her passion for people and their uniqueness through her clothing and accessories. She brings to The Woodlands and Spring the fun from Miami & South America, the style and elegance from New York & Europe and the trendiness and comfort from Los Angeles. It all ties in together by being offered locally with extraordinary customer service.